We issue full refunds for products returned within 30 days of the delivery date. We do not cover return shipping or refund shipping charges incurred at the time of purchase (only applies to orders that do not have free shipping). Return package must be postmarked before the 30 day return window closes in order to receive a refund.

If you received a damaged product, please email us at with a photo of the damaged item + shipping box within 48 hours of receiving your package so we can replace it. *Blossom Essentials does not refund orders for packages that are lost or stolen.

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And if you have any trouble using the portal or have any questions, send us an email and we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Shipping & Returns
My products arrived damaged, what should I do?
What is your return policy?
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Where is my package?
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Blossom Ingredients
Ingredients matter.
That’s why we believe you should know exactly what’s in your products 一 without the hassle of investigating a website to uncover hidden lists.
We don't just research our ingredients, we scrutinize them. We study, analyze, and examine them to ensure each one is clean, non-toxic, and gentle for all skin types, even the most sensitive and irritable.
Honeybutter ingrediets (old formula):
Honeybutter ingrediets: