Repair Your Chronic Skin Damage Naturally–Without Cortisone or Chemicals

Oct 16, 2022 at 11:29am

After You’ve Tried Everything

If you’ve suffered from a chronic skin condition as I have, I’ll bet that persistence is one of your strong points.

You splurged on that cream. You saw the specialist. You changed your lifestyle. 

But no matter how much money you spent, lotion you applied, medicine you took, or foods you stopped eating, you never saw results. 

Neither did I. But I refused to give up. Just like you. 

By the time I came across Blossom Honeybutter, I had seen and read it all. 

I was still determined to save my skin…though I had started to become a bit skeptical.

Natural ingredients. Dermatologist-tested. Non-toxic. You know the spiel.

Manuka honey? Please. I had tried my fair share of weird-sounding, exotic products. 

If prescription-strength medicine wasn’t strong enough to clear up my skin, there was no way some honey could magically do what countless doctors and years of treatments had failed to. 

But then I saw the comments and pictures. Instead of rolling my eyes, I started to dig deeper.

“I love this Honey Butter. I have eczema on my face. To wear foundation would flare my face in a blistered red Burning mess. No matter what type of foundation I used. After trying Honeybutter I have not had a problem. It works wonders. Chapped, dry flaky skin is now smooth, and all the redness is gone. Made me a believer.” – Connie T.
“I have had plaque psoriasis on one of my shins for some time and have used lots of different creams, lotions and ointments on it, without much improvement. However, after one or two applications of your wonderful cream I am amazed at the improvement. Every day my leg looks better! Thank you and the bees for creating this wonderful stuff!” – Muriel H.

Then I came across a testimonial that stopped me in my tracks. 

I started wearing the Dexcom CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) device 5 years ago. About years into use, Dexcom changed adhesive manufacturers and everything changed….that’s when the nightmare began. Many users started documenting severe rashes, skin abrasions and other painful symptoms resulting from the 10 day wear of a device with a toxic adhesive. I was one of those users who experienced extreme pain, itching, inflammation, skin loss and ultimately infection. Despite reaching out to Dexcom for a solution, nothing was ever done to offer support. As a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic of nearly 25 years, I was stunned that virtually nothing could be done….I was on the brink of discontinuing the use of this life saving device when I found a Honeybutter ad on Facebook. Having nothing to lose, I ordered the product and was thrilled to receive it. It has saved my skin! Thank you Honeybutter! – Lindsay

These people hadn’t simply discovered an excellent moisturizer – they had gotten their lives back after years of suffering constant pain and discomfort from a chronic condition, just like I had.

I wanted my life back. I wanted to see and feel the skin I used to have. I had suffered enough.

A Skin Cream Unlike Any Other I Had Tried Before

So I gave it a shot. I ordered my first jar and waited. I wanted to believe this would be different.

Once the Honeybutter arrived, I opened it immediately. 

The scent – Light and warm. If sweetness had an aroma, this was it. Then, the texture – it’s rich and thick without being sticky or greasy. It felt so smooth and velvety. 

But what did it for me was how my skin began to transform the second I began applying it.

I had tried so many products – nothing felt like this. 

The balm instantly cooled and soothed the raw spots on my hands as it absorbed into my skin without any stinging. I rubbed it into the hard, scaly patches near my scalp and was shocked by how quickly they began to soften. 

Over the next few weeks, I applied the balm to my dry, cracked areas of skin daily.

After the first week, I could already see a noticeable difference that lasted the entire day.

By the second week, the cracks on my hands and joints had closed completely, and the itchy, scaly patches had disappeared. 

The Skin You Thought You’d Never See Again

A week or two after that, I was with a bunch of friends for lunch. My stomach ached from laughing so hard. You know that feeling! I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had so much fun. 

Then it hit me: for the first time in years, I hadn’t been thinking about my skin the whole time.

I didn’t need to scratch without anyone noticing or constantly sneak to the ladies’ room to reapply makeup to those scaly patches around my hairline. 

I was living in the moment, not stressing about my rash or how I would look in the pictures we took. I was finally the person I used to be before this nightmare started.

And people began to notice. Those closest to me started asking what I was doing differently–they couldn’t believe my skin looked much better.

After I told them, they were surprised…and their reactions sounded pretty familiar.

Wait, it’s just…honey? Isn’t there any medicine in it? What’s Manuka? I didn’t know what to say.

I mean, it worked! That was all I cared about. So I started to read a bit more about it.

What Is Manuka Honey, And Why Is It In Such High Demand?

Manuka honey gets its name from the Manuka bush. Native to Australia and New Zealand, its flowers produce nectar with a powerful substance called dihydroxyacetone or DHA.

When bees create honey from this nectar, the DHA is converted into another potent compound, methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO is the active ingredient that gives Manuka its antibacterial effect.

Because Manuka honey is monofloral (made with the nectar of a single type of flower), it contains substantially larger amounts of MGO, giving it up to 100 times more antibacterial effect than traditional polyfloral honey. This is why other honey-based products aren’t nearly as effective.

Aside from being a proven antibacterial, Manuka honey also contains antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. This incredible mixture of benefits explains its sharp rise in popularity among healthcare professionals across the globe.

How Is Blossom Honeybutter Different From Other Balms?

Due to its increased demand, dozens of products are slapping Manuka honey on their labels. In reality, most of these creams have minuscule or undetectable amounts of the substance.

Blossom Honeybutter not only contains adequate amounts of Manuka honey, it sources this raw ingredient solely from certified producers. It is combined with dozens of other natural, locally sourced ingredients to create Blossom’s unique formula, made in sunny Florida, USA. 

A Steroid-Free Solution For Intensive Skin Repair

Blossom Honeybutter combines potent, natural ingredients that protect, repair, and restore dry, irritated skin without the unwanted side effects of cortisone and other harsh medications.  

It’s fast: You’ll feel relief within minutes once you begin rubbing the salve into your skin.

Loves sensitive skin: Νo steroids, no parabens, & no sulfates. Safe for facial use.

Lasting hydration: Manuka honey draws water from deep within the skin to the surface. 

Max Value: Costs a fraction of the price of designer creams. A small amount goes a long way.

Naturally potent: Blossom’s unique formula is infused with nature's power players:

  • Aloe Vera gel – Αnti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling & irritation.
  • Calendula extract – Antioxidant & anti-bacterial compounds prevent infection.
  • Coconut oil – Natural anti-inflammatory that relieves itching & soothes raw skin.
  • Vitamins A & E – repairs dryness & irritation, aids skin regeneration, UV protectant.
  • Sweet almond oil – Fatty acids renew & nourish skin while soothing itching & redness.
  • Beeswax – Seals in moisture to repair dry, chapped skin & calms irritation. 
  • Tea Tree oil – Reduces allergic reactions & skin inflammation while relieving itchiness.

It’s dermatologist tested, cruelty-free, and is HRIPT third-party tested for sensitive skin.

One Cream, Countless Uses – For the Entire Family!

Blossom Honeybutter is suitable for children aged one and over and can be used for:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Rashes
  • Razor burn
  • Bug bites
  • Burns
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Chafing
  • And so much more!

Prescription Cream Potency For A Fraction Of The Cost

Trust me: as a chronic skin condition sufferer, I’d think twice before splurging on a cream. 

But hear me out: This. Stuff. Works. It has been worth every cent – much less than what you’ve probably spent on ineffective treatments and serums over the years.

“I’ve been using the Honeybutter for 2-3 months now and have to say it has helped tremendously with my dry skin. I’ve already ordered my 2nd jar. My dry skin is a permanent problem due to lifelong prescription drugs I must take, ill health, and aging. It’s great and the feature that made me order it was you can apply it to your eyelids. This will be a permanent regimen for me. I highly recommend it. – Solitaire

Just a small amount goes a long way without needing to reapply multiple times daily. 

If you’ve been burned by products that didn’t deliver, experience how Blossom Honeybutter works for as little as $21. 

Looking for better value? Try out the 8 or 12 oz. jars and save on months of relief. 

Where Can I Order My First Jar of Blossom Honeybutter?

Don’t fall for imitation creams. Place your first order of Blossom Honeybutter here. Order now and take 15% off when you enroll in the subscription program. 

Ready to take back your life?

give me gorgeous skin & hair, please!

What Blossom customers are saying

★★★★★   Roberta K.   ·  a day ago

Awesome product!

I love this honeybutter! I have used every single product over the counter and even used the expensive department store products and they always made my face oily. Once this product absorbs into my skin it’s not oily or greasy. My skin is soft and moisturized. I not only use it on my face I also use it on my eyelids. I have finally found the perfect product.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Quality of Product

Value of Product

★★★★★   Margaret S.   ·  a day ago

A Healer and Moisturizer in One

I have a ton of moisturizers I never finished using because they were too greasy, totally ineffective, etc. I also have honey healers that are gruesomely sticky. What a pleasant surprise to discover Honeybutter! My skin now exhibits a healthy glow as my rash dissolves.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Quality of Product

Value of Product

★★★★★   Julie W.   ·  a day ago

Worth the Money

I periodically get dry red patches on my face. I tried the honey butter on my face, and after a couple of weeks, I’m seeing an improvement. I also like using it on my lips. For me, it’s worth the money, because a little goes a long way!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Quality of Product

Value of Product

★★★★★   Vanessa S.   ·  a day ago

Finally relief

I've had rosacea for 12 years now. I tried everything from OTC to prescription, so far nothing has worked. Honeybutter has helped relieve my red, itchy, burning and dry scaly skin. I absolutely love this product.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Quality of Product

Value of Product

give me gorgeous skin & hair, please!
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